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1. What equipment do you use?
threesixty uses the latest technology and most advanced equipment available on the market to ensure quality, stability and safety. The main equipment that we use is the DJI S1000 UAV, which is a professional Octocopter that has many features such as the retractable landing gear and low gimbal mounting position to allow 360 degree rotations independent from the aircraft movements. This octocopter is equipped with a Canon 5D MKIII DSLR which is a full-frame DSLR camera that can take detailed, high resolution photos and video footage.

In addition to this our equipment includes the DJI Phantom Vision + which is equipped with the GoPro 3 Hero Black Edition.

2. What are the flying conditions of your aircraft?
As per national regulations, our aircraft is restricted to heights of around 400 feet and about 500 meters from our location, providing the aircraft remains within line of sight. The aircraft can fly at speeds of up to 50km/h (weather and wind dependent).

3. How safe is it?
The UAV comes with the latest safety features. To mention some, in the event of a transmitter battery failure, the aircraft will enter into failsafe mode and will return to its take-off point. The same happens when there is a loss of control frequency and in the case of a malicious interference, the pilot can put the aircraft in this mode manually so that it can land safely. In the unlikely event of a total loss of battery, the UAV will not be able to be controlled, however it will descend vertically from where it was flying and as long as flight procedures have been adhered to, no injuries should occur.

4 How long does a flight last?
On a single charge, a flight can last up to 11 minutes. By carrying numerous spare batteries, we can easily fly the aircraft for most of the time if necessary.

5. Where can you fly your aircraft?
We can fly our aircraft virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors. We can fly over the sea, countryside, and sometimes even indoors. Our pilot will fly the aircraft in such a way to enable the camera operator to get the best angle for your footage.

6. What services do you offer?
Our services can be used for various purposes. Please visit the services page to see a list of possibilities how you can make use of our services.

7. Can you control the camera from the ground?
Yes, we can remote control tilt, pan and roll the camera, and take either still photos or video footage.

8. I'm a photographer. Can I hire your aircraft?
The equipment is not for hire and we only offer a complete service, i.e. the provision of both a pilot and camera operator.